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Services We Offer in Bloomfield, NJ

At Contemporary Plumbing and Heating Inc., we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of plumbing services in Bloomfield, NJ. As your trusted residential plumber, we excel in the following areas:

Clogged Drains and Sewer Lines

Contemporary Plumbing and Heating Inc. is your trusted partner for swift and effective sewer cleaning and drain cleaning services. Our team of expert technicians utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose and resolve blockages promptly, ensuring your plumbing system operates seamlessly. We prioritize customer satisfaction, offering efficient and reliable solutions to prevent potential backups and water damage. Count on us for all your drain and sewer cleaning needs, and experience the difference of working with dedicated professionals.

Leaks and Pipe Repairs

Our team of skilled plumbers specializes in identifying and repairing leaks and pipe issues promptly. We understand the importance of preventing water damage and wastage. With our thorough leak detection techniques and precise repair methods, we ensure your plumbing system remains leak-free and efficient.

Water Heater Malfunctions

Whether you’re dealing with a malfunctioning hot water heater or contemplating a new plumbing installation, our water heater services in Bloomfield have you covered. Our team of professional plumbers in Bloomfield offers expert diagnostics, efficient water heater repair, and precise installation services. Count on us to ensure you have a reliable source of hot water in your home while keeping your hot water heater operating efficiently.

Faucet and Fixture Installations/Repairs

From faucet installations to fixture repairs, our professional services aim to enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your home. Our experienced technicians ensure that every component is installed correctly, minimizing the risk of leaks and ensuring proper operation for years to come.

Toilet and Sump Pump Services

In addition to our comprehensive plumbing services, we offer toilet repairs and sump pump maintenance. These essential plumbing fixtures are critical to your home’s functionality, and we ensure they remain in top working condition. Count on us for efficient and reliable services for your toilet and sump pump needs.

General Plumbing Service

  • Repair/ Replacement of sanitary & domestic water services into building
  • Roof drain service & maintenance
  • Leak repairs
  • Domestic water piping
  • Sanitary/vent piping
  • Storm piping
  • Natural gas piping
  • Pump repair
  • Elevator, sewer ejector, sump pump, recirculation, etc.
  • Water heaters of all sizes: gas & electric
  • Pumping services for flooding

Repairs and Service

  • Sewer Service List
  • Closed circuit TV pipe inspections
  • TV inspection crawler unit for larger jobs
  • Machine cleaning of all drain size
  • High pressure jetting and flushing of sanitary & storm piping
  • Grease trap pumping and sanitizing
  • Plumbing fixture repairs & replacements

Why Choose Contemporary Plumbing and Heating in Bloomfield, NJ?

Expertise in Residential and Commercial Plumbing

We are proud to offer our extensive expertise in both residential and commercial plumbing. Our skilled team brings years of experience to every project, ensuring that each job is executed with precision and professionalism. Whether it’s a small residential repair or a large commercial installation, you can trust our knowledgeable plumbers to deliver top-quality results tailored to your specific needs.

Serving Bloomfield 24/7

Plumbing issues can be unpredictable and inconvenient, often arising at the most inconvenient times. That’s why we’re here for you around the clock, 24/7, to address your plumbing needs promptly and effectively. Our commitment to providing timely and reliable service means you can have peace of mind knowing that we’re just a phone call away whenever you need assistance with your plumbing system.

Reliable and Efficient Plumbing Repair

When you choose us, you can count on reliable and efficient plumbing repair services. Our team is dedicated to resolving your plumbing problems with speed and accuracy, ensuring your plumbing system operates seamlessly.

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Don’t let plumbing issues disrupt your life in Bloomfield, NJ. Contact Contemporary Plumbing and Heating Inc., your trusted plumbers near Bloomfield, for top-notch residential plumbing services. Our expert team is ready to provide you with efficient and reliable plumbing solutions, ensuring your home’s plumbing system operates seamlessly. Experience the difference of working with Bloomfield plumbers you can trust. Call us today to schedule your repair services in Bloomfield and enjoy peace of mind with our prompt and professional assistance.

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